Sunday, September 16, 2007

No Fighting, No Mushrooms

I never made it to the culture festival yesterday :( The weather here was once again crazy-go-nuts with rain/sun/rain/wind. That's not why I didn't make it, though (and I'm sorry to say there's no fascinating story to this). I had fully intended to head out to the island after stopping in the city center to ask the Tele2 people why I can't get text messages from the U.S. Also, one of the only two or three trolleys that goes to the island leaves from the stop across the street from the University of Latvia main building. The only thing is that the 20th trolley doesn't run very often, so after finally figuring out where the stop was and waiting in the rain (but *safely* and dryly under a tree) for more than half an hour, I decided I didn't want to do that anymore. So I went home after waiting around in the city center for (once again) several hours.

On the plus side, I found a relatively cheap paperback book on Dali at the Janis Roze book store, which just so happens to have an Emils Gustavs chocolate bar next to it. Heh. So I took my book and had a nice small cup of soup-thick hot chocolate.

Later last night I walked several blocks to where some more relatives live (Amanda + kids) and visited with them for a few hours. They had thought about going to the "warrior fights", but they decided that with the fishy weather, it wasn't all that important.

Today I was supposed to go mushroom picking (it's a huge, HUGE thing here), but even though the weather is good now, we don't know how it will be in an hour. So no picking this time around--maybe another time. I was hoping I'd have some cool pictures of us wandering around the woods searching fervently for edible fungi. Today I think I'll sit inside and work on transcribing the video for the museum, since I didn't do it on Friday...

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