Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm an Adult and it kind of Sucks


Even though this new office is technically better situated (a brighter, less touristy area with coffee shops and cafes just down the street), I'm getting up at almost 7 A.M. in order to be at the bus stop by 8:30 to make the 8:32 bus that usually gets to the city center a bit before 9:30, which is when I'm supposed to be at work. HAH! I'm surprised I haven't fallen asleep on the way into the center yet. So 9:30 to around 5:15-5:30 at work, a lunch break somewhere around there, and then it's time to leave. However, it's basically useless to try and get home during this time, as it will take the bus around an hour just to hit two stops before getting out of the city center. So I generally try to walk around the city for a while (one does need to get some fresh air now and then) and pass some time until 6:30 0r 7, when the buses are still packed, but the traffic is a bit lighter. So I might be gone from 8:15 to 7:30 each day.

Like I said, I'm an adult and it kind of sucks.

Then what do I do when I get home? With the short amount of time I have before 11 P.M. (once again I'm keeping a semi-strict weekday bedtime policy), there's dinner to deal with if it hasn't been dealt with already, any chores, cleaning up, a shower if that wasn't done in the morning, and then maybe an hour, hour and a half tops, of time to do whatever. Lather, rinse, repeat. GAH! I'm still a bit thrown off by not having homework to do; now there are big-world things to deal with: temp. residence documents, groceries, a review for LatviansOnline (sorry, dad, I'm working on it, I swear), studying for the German test in November, and twice a week giving English "lessons" to the 8-year-old daughter of an English Learning Center I have a job offer from. *cry* I get it, I get it, my parents had it hard, your parents had it hard, and we were all bratty kids watching TV and wanting dinner to be ready and not understanding what they went through.

But at least they got/get paid for what they're doing.

On to happier things!
This past weekend I took a day trip with relatives to Sigulda, where I had a mission to buy my grandfather a "traditional wooden cane. From Sigulda. And don't pay more than Ls10 for it." The cane was bought, sights were seen, and a certain amount of fun was had. I wasn't feeling up to par on Saturday, so on some level I was in a bad or offish mood all day. I didn't mentally feel that way, but one of my relatives picked up on the fact that something wasn't right. Anyway, even though every day during past week has had an 80+% humidity level, it didn't start raining until later in the day, when we had already stopped for dinner. We got to see some fantastic rainbows--even saw a full one. All in all it was a good day and nice to once again get out of the city. Sigulda is fantastic, and, as I understand it, a popular place to go to during the fall because of the beautiful colors that can be seen there. It was clear to see why. Sigulda is definitely the type of city I could live in. There are a lot of trees, parks, paths to walk's less crowded than Riga. Plus the fresh air is nice. I like cities, but I like the suburbs better. VIVA SUBURBIA!

Since I have tomorrow off I can spend some time posting pictures. The first FB link is full to the brim (be sure to check that for updated photos), so a second album has been made. At this rate, there might even be a third. The new FB album link is here. I'll post pictures on here as well under a different post heading.

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