Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Like Pelmeni

This post will be quick and easy, like a tasty-but-overly-filling Latvian "fast food" favorite that is Russian in origin. Am I overstepping my promise?

For those of you following along with posts, or with family gossip, today I had to take the Test DaF (German as a foreign language proficiency exam). I feel like I did rather well on the exam, but will have to wait six weeks to find out how I really did.

In other news, I leave for a one-week vacation to Germany tomorrow afternoon. I'll be visiting friends, doing some much needed and missed German shopping, and just taking it easy. This seems like the first vacation in a long time that will actually be just that - a vacation. My only other motives are to make a visit to talk to someone from the University I'd like to apply to next year, and to find a spectacular hair conditioner that I've been trying to hunt down for a month, and figured out is sold in a salon in Ludwigshafen. SCORE.

And I'm tired, I haven't packed, and I haven't gone "ciemakukulis" shopping. That means I haven't stocked up on goods from Latvia for peeps in Germany.

Kaija out.

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