Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have the worst stir-crazies right now. It’s about 52ºF right now in Riga (I’m listening to MPR and they say it’ll be around 70 in the cities today), and some software is acting funny right now (making progress slower), and I’ve been getting WAY too much sleep lately. Because it's been so nice lately, it's been okay walking through the city from the train station to get to work, but it's more fun to take a mikrinsh (crazy mini-van thing I've mentioned before) and ride through all of the residential areas and see how spring has taken over.

After work I’m meeting up with some friends – our plan is to hit up Pelmeni (like a Russian ravioli, except it’s not pasta, and they're not pancakes...but little filled delicious things), take our dinner to go, then ride the train out to Jurmala and walk off the Pelmeni goodness. It's a good thing the beach is technically so close! Nothing else new has happened today, except that I seem to be accident prone in Riga. The room we sit in at the office makes me sneeze a lot (don’t know how that’s accident prone, but I just remembered the fact), and while trying to set up the GPRS settings for my phone, I turned it off then back on again (like the LMT site told me to), completely forgetting that I need a PIN for this SIM chip. So now I can’t use my phone until I find the little piece of paper with my PIN on it, or until (worst case) go buy a new SIM chip. Seriously, I’m losing my mind.

It’s my flatmate’s birthday today – happy birthday!

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