Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've Been Quoted!

My father came across this live journal: ozgurturna

where my "controversial" list of things you can/shouldn't do in Riga is quoted, then commented on at length by readers of ozgurturna's journal. It's always interesting to find out who your own stuff reaches.

This past weekend was a LONG one, thanks to Jani. Monday and Tuesday were holidays so, naturally, there was crazy weekend traffic already at 12 noon on Friday. On Monday, my mother and I ended up going along with my cousin and her family to Pinkas, south of Ogre, for a traditional Jani. There were games, there was singing, "witch" burning, wreath burning, and of course eating and drinking. We didn't stay the night, but were brought back to Riga by 2 A.M. I promptly fell into bed and slept until noon the next day. Tuesday was spent lazing around my apartment, eating Jani leftovers and relaxing. Wednesday I took them to *finally* see the sea; we took a train to Sloka, then walked through Kauguri to Kaugurciems, where there's this absolutely excellent restaurant right on the beach front called Kurins. The prices are decent, the portions are gigantic, and the atmosphere is plain beachy. (No, I didn't play hookie - I had taken a day off to spend my mother and aunt's last day in Latvia.) After lunch we toddled back to the train station, got off at Majori and checked out some shops they wanted to look at again, then went to the sea again. Twice in one day, MADNESS. If I wasn't so weirded-out by tours I would make a great tour guide.

Mom and aunt made it safely back to the States this afternoon.

For those following, there are 5 (five) business days and 7 (seven) days total before I get to start calling the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to find out if they're letting me re-enter the country in July or not.

Monday I'm thinking of spending 5 LVL for a ticket to see the closing Kremerata Baltica Festival concert in Riga. I've got one CD... don't remember too much of it, but enough to make me want to listen to G. Kremers rock out live. Oh, violinists.

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