Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Already this Week

We haven't even reached Wednesday and there have already been events.

Events during which some things have happened.

First, our landlady finally came and took the large creepy bed out of the apartment. Since I didn't get any follow-up calls from her saying "Sorry but we broke ------- and ------- and --------- and ---------" or "You better pray to God that masking tape on the wall doesn't strip the paint", I assume everything went well. With the big bed there's enough room to put together the individual beds – I took care of mine first thing after work. In the process, I was reintroduced to the joys of "building" IKEA-like furniture and was reminded (more so the day after) that my hands are not, in fact, hammers.

Today, Tuesday, was normal enough except that I was 10 minutes late in meeting up with friends because I was busy leaning into the apartment dumpster trying to punch the cardboard box of said bed into submission. A big thanks to the guys carrying chairs out of the furniture store for not stopping to stare.

I was going to continue by explain how I experienced some kind of weird coca-cola poisoning at the restaurant, wherein I got waves of dizziness and nausea, but then I remembered just now that I ate a yogurt and fruit thing, which completely explains everything. It wouldn't be the first time yogurt made me feel like I had been hyperventilating in a room pumped full of helium.

Berlin is in four days - tomorrow I go to buy plastic boxes for transporting of German goodies.

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