Monday, November 16, 2009

When there's a Crisis...

When there's an economic crisis –- bake pastries! There is a relatively new bakery/café on Terbatas Street called "Kukotava" (The "Cakery"), another Martina bekereja (Martin's Bakery) opened up in Old Town on Valnu Street a month or so ago, there's a new Vecrigas konditoreja (Old Town Bakery) shop on Dzirnavu Street, a relatively new bakery/café around the corner from the House of Blackheads called "Opium" and, coming home tonight I walked by a "Coming Soon"! sign on Dzirnavu Street for a bakery that will be called "Smilsu kuka" (roughly "Shortbread"). can have your crisis, your depression, your losing of a job, but you can totally have your cake and eat it, too! That is, as long as you can afford it.Wednesday is Independence Day here in Latvia, so I'll take that opportunity to sleep in, have a slow breakfast and then wander around the city and take many pictures.

Rome information by Wednesday the latest. If I miss that deadline, it's because I have 250 pages of fishing brochures to proofread by Friday.

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