Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow Monday in Riga

Apparently, it's a really, really slow day in Riga. The biggest story in comprehensive news today is that there was a call made to the local fire and rescue service to come pull an iguana out of a tree by an apartment complex. Although the residents of the building pretty much knew who the lizard belonged to, because the people weren't home, the iguana was taken to the zoo. In other news, fire and rescue service workers were also called out to rescue a cat from a tree. The cat, however, obviously irritated and frightened by all of the ruckus going on about it, got itself down from the tree and booked it out of the area. Other than that, it's going to be raining all week in Riga. Good thing we had 26'C and zero rain yesterday -- we were able to go and sit on the beach for a few hours before it got windy and chilly.

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